Meet Sadelle “teamdelle” Moore: The Journey

5 min readJun 16, 2022


There are a few indisputable facts when the name @teamdelle aka Sadelle Moore is mentioned. When he speaks, it’s of unwavering honesty. In only his thirties, his presence is of historic measure, and as The Sneaker Connoisseur and inimitable Dot Connector, Delle establishes lasting relationships and experiences throughout the world.

“Nothing takes me out of my zone.”
For those who know the StockX founding member best, his prolific work is of Midas Touch quality, preceding his presence in rooms and spaces that hold some of modern history’s most distinguished change makers. As the first ever sneaker authenticator, @teamdelle is a subtle, yet sharp prototype whose mastery in shoe discovery, identification, research, access, and delivery, is now a global blueprint for sneaker authenticators emerging all over the country.

What Delle understands more than anyone, is that he’s only been able to shift the landscape of the sneaker resale market because of the natural order of his Detroit hustle since 1987.

Being granted a deeper look into @teamdelle’s story reveals all the makings of a self taught maven who’s been a dot connector, disruptor and unifier of people from all walks of life since elementary.

“I’ve always known shoes and always wanted the best. My grandmother who was a businesswoman, led me into entrepreneurship by being an example. She told me I could have any sneaker as long as I earned it through my own work.”

From selling candy to homemade CD’s as a youngin’, Sadelle has always had the entrepreneurial grit. Blending his business ventures with his love of sneakerware — Sadelle became the most reliable source within his high school and community for determining sneaker authenticity.

“I became so detail oriented. It never turned off. I put myself in the shoes literally, and began acquiring clients one after another. Before StockX, my job didn’t exist. There were no authentication platforms.”

As the originator of StockX’s authentication footprint, Sadelle is a prime factor. At the time of StockX’s establishment in 2015, @teamdelle was brought to the table as the missing puzzle piece. Today, he’s earned his seat at even more tables while building others. World class events across fashion, music and entertainment industries are all @teamdelle’s playground on any given day. His knowledge remains a vital…


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