Jonnathan Malagon links up with Trippie Redd to record “My World”

2 min readMay 29, 2022

The entertainment and music industry over the past few decades has been one big hub and home to millions of music artists, singers, lyricists, and many more talented professionals. The industry has acted as a great tool and platform for these aspiring artists by providing them with umpteen opportunities and a grand stage to showcase their talent and skills.

The next-gen music artists have grabbed this opportunity provided by the vast industry and have been successful in safeguarding their place in the hearts of audiences. We met one such aspiring rapper, Jonnathan Malagon who has been in the league of his own, creating immense success and scaling a great height of recognition.

Jonnathan Malagon is a young emerging superstar in the music realm taking massive strides as a talented rapper and singer. Being drawn towards the art and craft of music since childhood, it was a no-brainer for Jonnathan Malagon to choose music as a career and profession. What started as a hobby turned into a full-fledged profession and now Jonnathan Malagon is living his dream and pursuing his music career seeking excellence in every endeavor. Working hard on crafting his art of music and honing his skills, Jonnathan Malagon has established himself as one of the most promising and sought-after music professionals.

His euphonious voice and key compositions have enabled him to gather a loyal fan base of followers.

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