It’s About To Get Odd: Flipzworld Drops Versatile Album Like No Other “OddWorld”

2 min readSep 4, 2022

Cleveland producer Flipzworld is firing from all cylinders for his latest album release called “OddWorld” which was released September 2, 2022. This project has a different sound from anything he’s ever put out before in the past. After listening through we decided to reach out for comments and we got way more than just passerby commentary! Flipzworld practically broke down the whole story of how the album came to be. The young star is quoted directly saying “I wanted this album to be more focused on me & my ability to showcase different styles in my arsenal”. Flipz does just that, giving you a taste of everything, from Hip-Hop and trap to EDM and even R&B stylings. Executing each song perfectly there’s bound to be something for everyone on Flipzworld’s “OddWorld” album; but that’s not how it began originally. It all started back when Flipzworld had gotten Covid for the holidays in 2021. With him being quarantined for two weeks, it was only natural to work on an album again. This being only a few short weeks after the release of his greatly successful EP

“D I M E N S I O N S.” and happening somewhat forcibly, he wasn’t sure what style to make the album given the fact it wasn’t exactly planned ahead of time. As he sat alone isolated in his room with nothing but his thoughts and equipment, trying to figure out what sounds to use or what theme the project was going to be, he just made an unhealthy amount of beats for the timespan that elapsed until something stuck. From there Flipzworld thought he found THE sound for the album he was soon to create but as he continued crafting the album, he couldn’t help himself from dabbling in others styles along the way. From start to finish through “ OddWorld “ , Flipzworld beautifully gives his listeners greater insight to what goes on in his head while creating his work. We strongly recommend doing yourself the favor and checking it out if you haven’t yet. Also be sure to follow Flipzworld below for more things to come, to check out his previous works or even try to connect with him directly!

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