1. My name/stage name is DANMAR
2. January 29th, 2002. As of now I’m 19
3. Im from metro Atlanta
4. I make hip/hop, Rap, Pop, and rock
5. I’ve been making music for 6 years now
6. My first song was called 60 minute made lemonade because I made it in 1 hour. It wasn’t a very good song lol.
7. My inspiration is probably Post Malone, I really like his unique style and how his music makes me feel.
8. Rap/Hip Hop
9. I only have 1 video out as of now but soon ill have one with Jude Barclay, so in the future probably…

CuBox is an independent Artist and Producer from Dallas, Texas that has successfully cracked the Code to being a successful independent artist!

We asked CuBox if he’d ever sign to a label and he said, “The most I would want for right now is a distribution deal, it’s tough putting my music out there and only having myself and my limited connections to promote releases. If a record deal comes along that meets my requirements by like 95% or more, then I’ll consider it. I’ve seen too many people get screwed over by bad deals or neglect.”

At only 21…

What is your biggest achievement?

“Signing a deal it wasn’t a record deal it was an artist development deal but that’s a start and it benefits me greatly & I’m proud of it.”

Who is your biggest inspiration ?

“My Father & My Grandfather.”

Where do you see yourself in 1 year ?

“I see myself doing music full time and traveling all over.”

Where are you from?

“I’m from Tallulah, Louisiana.”

How old are you?


Are you working on any projects ?

“Yes, actually I am working on a few things low key 1 Ep with K.e. …


“Straight off the head, real life basics because um Dope fr”

-DopeBoy Trouble

Dopeboy Trouble is a rap artist from Columbus, GA whose Southern roots sowed someone who prides himself on loyalty, family, and the hustle. It’s his grind that’s most impressive, but what’s most exciting about Dopeboy is that he’s just getting started.

Born Chris Upshaw, Jr., the rapper first began making music while in YDC and quickly found it as a way to express his own ambitions despite having a troubled past. One word to describe his music? Dope. His sound is unlike any other rapper…


CEO of Yer Management LLC

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